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Why Hotel Gyms Need Wholesale Microfiber Towels

Towels are a must-have at the gym. From mopping up sweat after a workout to toweling off after a post-workout shower and wiping down the equipment, gym towels can serve several different functions. A hotel gym should take care of its clients by providing quality gym towels in decent quantity. That’s where wholesale microfiber towels come in.

Microfiber towels have multiple advantages attuned to the immediate needs of exercise enthusiasts. Regardless of how well you maintain your hotel gym, there will always be microorganisms such as bacteria on surfaces. Buying microfiber towels in bulk for your hotel gym is a great way to stock up on much-needed supplies while also providing a healthier environment for guests to work out in.

Being of superior quality to other materials, microfiber towels can also help give your business a more chic image. Here’s more as to why hotel gyms need wholesale microfiber towels.

What Is Microfiber?

Microfiber is a combination of polyester and polyamide. It is an exceptionally strong and fine synthetic fiber — finer than a strand of hair.

It undergoes the splitting/extrusion process where a thread of fiber is divided into several strands. The split fibers are then woven back together to form a stronger material. The main benefit of the split fibers is to pick up and hold pollutants more effectively than cotton. That’s why this material is such a common choice for towels.

Why Is Microfiber More Effective Than Other Fibers?

Microfiber is more effective than other fibers since the end product of the extrusion process is positively charged. Dust and oils are negatively charged, which means they are attracted to the microfiber. This makes wiping off surfaces or skin with a microfiber towel fast, easy, and effective.

Microfiber also dries quickly, making it less likely for bacteria to breed on it. It’s also highly absorbent, with a small- to medium-sized towel being just enough for a person’s gym needs. It can absorb water up to seven times its weight.

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Why Should Hotel Gyms Purchase Wholesale Microfiber Towels?

Durability: Microfiber towels can withstand the routine maintenance process repeatedly without compromising on quality. Other favorable features like dust attraction also remain intact. Always remember that microfiber towels come with a set of precise instructions on care and maintenance. Strictly following the process will reward you with prolonged use of the towels. This aspect makes them an ideal choice for hotel gyms since it’s not viable to keep buying new towels often.

Absorbency: Microfiber towels are highly absorbent. Their weight is directly proportional to their absorbency capacity. They also don’t shed easily, making them skin friendly and easy to disinfect. Buying your hotel gym towels wholesale allows you to find the perfect size, weight, and absorbency capacity for various workouts.

Colors & Designs: Wholesale microfiber manufacturers no longer produce only plain towels. Microfiber towels now come in a wide range of colors and designs. From pink to white to blue microfiber towels, you’ll have plenty of choices. Your brand represents your business. Your products and services should stand out and align with your brand. Buying microfiber towels wholesale allows you to pick your preferred colors and designs to match your hotel’s standard and style. Wholesale quantities will provide consistency throughout the gym.

Quality: The quality of your gym’s towels represents the reputation of your business. Microfiber towels are of high quality when viewed in all aspects, including material, absorbency, and weight. They do not fade easily and can serve you for years if well-maintained. Superior quality towels will save you money on unnecessary replacements. Considering what they bring to the table, microfiber towels are reasonably priced.

Order Hotel Gym Microfiber Towels from Reputable Wholesalers

Investing in wholesale microfiber towels is a great way to show care and appreciation to your hotel guests who visit the gym. It also helps you cut costs on your supplies in the long run. Considering the numerous benefits that microfiber towels have to offer, it’s no wonder that more and more hotels are now adding them to their supplies list. The ready availability of wholesale microfiber towels will continue to fuel this desirable and economical switch among hotel gyms.

Consider switching to microfiber towels for your hotel gym today.

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