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How to Maintain Your Mass Spectrometry Bench

Mass spectrometry (MS) benches can last several years if you take good care of them. Each table is unique and requires specific services and maintenance. You should identify the best maintenance procedure for your MS bench. Leading manufacturers of mass spectrometry benches offer maintenance plans you can leverage to keep your equipment in the best shape. Here are four tips to help you maintain your mass spectrometry benches:

1. Choose the Manufacturer’s Maintenance Plan

The best way to maintain your mass spectrometry benches is through a solid maintenance plan. Inspect the equipment regularly to catch and fix issues early. A maintenance plan establishes the frequency of inspections and servicing. Bench manufacturers offer different programs, including full-service, standard, and time and material plans. Full-service maintenance is the best option because it covers everything, from labor and travel to service.

A full-service or all-inclusive maintenance plan can keep your mass spectrometry benches in good shape. The program may include annual servicing, routine inspections, and emergency repairs. Standard maintenance plans can offer more affordable services, but you’ll miss out on some benefits. Time and material plans only charge for the engineer’s time and the materials used. When reviewing maintenance plans, consider the budget, risks, and equipment to find the best offer.

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2. Follow Manual Instructions

The user manual contains everything you need to know when operating your mass spectrometry bench. Each MS bench has unique features and integrations that require specific protocols. Read the user manual from start to finish before unpacking or attempting to operate a new MS table. Maintenance covers the day-to-day use of the equipment. Your bench may last longer if you use it as intended, with proper care.

The user manual helps you properly unpack, install, operate, clean, maintain, and troubleshoot the bench. You’ll encounter various instructions, cautions, and warnings. Make sure you go through each to avoid preventable mistakes during installation and operation. The manual also features servicing and maintenance instructions, schedules, and indications. Your manual has the best answers for all issues, so refer to it when planning a service.

3. Hire a Professional for Repairs and Service

Mass spectrometry benches need a full service every year. You’ll need an annual service kit and experienced professionals to complete the scheduled services. Some models feature a separate service kit used every two, three, four, or five years. You should hire an experienced technician who can meet your goals. Hiring the right expert goes beyond the basic service. You need trustworthy technicians to help you find the best maintenance plan and quality materials.

Your mass spectrometry benches will age, break down, and need repair. Hire qualified professionals to handle the repairs and replacements. Working with an expert allows you to find quality parts and services to restore your system’s performance. The technician may also be able to complete a routine diagnosis before the repair and post-service inspection to make sure everything works. Avoid trying to repair the bench yourself to prevent accidents and further damage.

4. Keep the MS Bench Clean and Protected

Top-rated mass spectrometry benches feature premium countertops with a resilient, easy-to-clean material. Clean the outside of your bench, including the generator. Some models suggest using warm soapy water with clean damp cloths. Remove excess fluid and only clean the exterior surface. Follow the user manual to avoid electric shocks and harmful fumes. Some cleaning and inspection procedures involve leak detection liquids.

Caution must be taken when cleaning mass spectrometry benches. Any slight mistake or oversight may reduce the lifespan of your equipment or cause injury. Leaving the cleaning and inspections to licensed technicians is the best decision. They can follow standard protocols and know the best way to protect your equipment. Cleaning is part of scheduled maintenance but can be done separately if the equipment works in high-traffic labs.

Find Premium Quality Mass Spectrometry Benches

Proper maintenance of your mass spectrometry benches may help boost performance and longevity. Find high-quality benches as cheap equipment will break down quicker and might present more issues. Purchase your bench from a leading manufacturer.

The best MS bench manufacturers offer premium equipment and maintenance plans. You need a trustworthy company with quality benches designed with your lab in mind. Manufacturers can also complete MS bench installation and troubleshoot various issues that lab managers may face. Top benches are durable, sleek, mobile, silent, user-friendly, modern, and energy efficient. Find a reliable bench manufacturer for your lab today.

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