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Where Are Industrial Paper Tubes Made?

Industrial paper cores and tubes are made in specific manufacturing plants. The industrial paper tube manufacturer sources the raw ingredients required to make the product. Raw products are fed through various manufacturing processes at the plant to produce the outcome. Modern core manufacturing leverages advanced technologies and efficiency. Manufacturers can process larger orders, mobilize resources, fabricate, and ship finished cores.

Industrial Paper Tube Manufacturing Overview

An industrial paper tube goes through various stages of production. The phases depend on the type of paper tube (spiral or convoluted). Core shape and thickness also modify some manufacturing aspects. Paper tubes feature a ply (innermost layer), a liner (middle foil, film, or special paper), and a wrap (outermost layer). Manufacturers use one or more plies of paperboard or kraft paper bound using strong adhesives.

Spiral paper tubes are manufactured with the ply wrapped at an angle to the hollow tube’s axis. Convoluted tubes are wrapped parallel to the axis and offer high bend strength. Some paper tubes are used in applications requiring crush resistance and dynamic strength. Such tubes or paper cores have thicker and heavier cores. They may also feature specialized paper for water resistance, color support, and graphics/labeling.

Industrial paper cores are cylindrical, but you can order oval, square, triangular, and hexagonal variations, depending on the application. The manufacturing process starts with transforming the paper into a strong fiber core, then winding it over a mandrel. Some processes involve web slitting before the winding begins. Wound webs proceed to curing, drying, lamination, and adhesive bonding. The process may involve winding multiple layers of ply on the steel mandrel.

What Manufacturers Need To Produce Paper Tubes

Industrial paper core manufacturers produce lightweight tubes for home and office applications or rigid, high-strength tubes for heavy-duty applications. They need a fully equipped facility with material feeds, mechanical components, casting/molding, and regulators for weight, temperature, and other elements. A paper tube manufacturing plant must support the step-by-step manufacturing process. A typical paper tube manufacturing process involves the following:

  • Making a ribbon from recycled cardboard sheets, forming giant ribbon rolls, and sticking the plies together using strong adhesives.
  • Winding long paper ribbons through a rotating mandrel to produce spiral or convoluted paper tubes with a hollow center.
  • Using adjustable mandrel diameter for precise core diameter and shaping tools to achieve the requested structural dimensions.
  • Creating long paper tubes, cutting them into precise sizes, and applying the finishing touches to customize the paper tubes.

Leading industrial paper core manufacturers have a range of products they can provide and seamless processes for. Top manufacturers have robust partnerships that enable them to source materials with ease. Some manufacturers can produce large orders for wholesalers, retailers, factories, and other manufacturers. You should easily find an industrial paper core manufacturer by searching their brand name. Some have more than a century in the industry.

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Finding Industrial Paper Core Manufacturers 

Paper tubes and cores have a wide range of applications, but not so many manufacturers exist. The leading companies have large facilities equipped to provide the best quality industrial cardboard paper tubes and cores for various industries. Working with a leader is the easiest decision for most wholesalers, manufacturers, construction managers, and logistics companies. Here are two tips to help you find the best paper tube manufacturer for your needs:

1. Choose Experience

You need a paper tube manufacturer with longevity in the business. Creating a system that can serve hundreds or thousands of companies and deliver custom paper cores on time requires time. The best companies in the industry have decades of experience and boast streamlined frameworks. Experienced manufacturers offer efficiency and flexibility because they know all the nuances of manufacturing paper tubes. 

2. Proven Results

The best paper tube manufacturers have a growing reputation with many happy references. If you choose an experienced manufacturer, you can go through an extensive portfolio of past orders. The goal is to find manufacturers that have produced similar tubes or cores before. Reputable manufacturers offer efficient timelines and have a clean track record of producing high-quality industrial paper cores and tubes.

Paper Tube Manufacturing Takeaways

Paper tubes and cores are standard in packaging, containing, construction, forming, insulating, damping, and masking industries. The tubes come from an extensive process involving converting recycled cardboard to strong tubes used in heavy-duty applications like construction. You need leading industrial paper tube manufacturers to get premium quality cores for such applications. Some manufacturers also serve light-duty industries.

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