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How Should I Store My Rattan Furniture In The Winter?

You need top-quality synthetic Rattan Furniture to keep them through seasons like winter safely. Your rattan garden furniture needs to be properly maintained through the winter. The furniture comes with comfort, style, and practicality, which you wouldn’t want to lose in the winter. Having said that, first, ensure that the type of furniture you have is synthetic rattan as opposed to natural rattan.

The synthetic rattan always comes with rustproof and high-class frames made from aluminum. Since aluminum does not rust, it will protect your furniture from cold and wet weather conditions. You also need to ensure that your rattan furniture has a strong weave.

Why Rattan Furniture?

PE rattans are mostly recommended over PU or PVC rattans because they are recyclable and good for the environment. If you have a PE rattan, your rattan will resemble natural rattan because they are designed to look natural. PE rattan’s real beauty is its ability to withstand most outdoor elements like damp or humid conditions. PE rattans are best for summer and winter rattan furniture. On the other hand, natural rattan is highly prone to breaking down and becoming mildewed, especially in wet environments. Therefore, always store them away in the winter months.

Always Keep the Garden Furniture in the protection of Covers.

Rattan Furniture
Rattan Furniture

If you have natural rattans, you need to know that their propensity to rust from outdoor elements like humidity and wetness is high. Therefore during winter, you must thoroughly cover them with PVC covers. Alternatively, you could store them in a garden shed away from the wetness of winter. However, you can leave them in the outdoors for synthetic rattan furniture throughout the year. The covers for garden furniture are often ideal in offering additional protection from outdoor elements like dampness and wetness. Covering your rattan garden furniture will also be necessary, even if you store your furniture in a garage or shed. That is because covers will keep them free from dust and other external elements like fungi.

Occasionally Maintain the Cleanliness of your Rattan furniture

Rattan Furniture
Rattan Furniture

Even though the cushions of your rattan garden furniture are well-designed for durability, it is essential to keep them clean and dry throughout. Do not assume that your rattan garden furniture is good with just storing them away during winter. You should maintain their condition every couple of weeks by cleaning and drying the table tops and seats. You must thoroughly wash your rattan furniture every year with detergents and then rinse them very well. Dried dirt or stains will compromise the condition of your rattan garden furniture. Therefore, use a soft brush to remove and remove them from your rattan furniture.

Store your Rattan Garden Furniture in a safe Shed

During winter, you must store your rattan furniture in a safe shed after thoroughly cleaning and drying it up. Winter comes with rather destructive elements like dampness and strong winds loaded with snow. That could easily hasten the process of wear and tear, considering the amount of friction involved. Therefore, as winter approaches, develop a well-established and stable structure that will withstand any kind of extreme weather elements. Ensure that all the corners of the roof and walls are watertight. After that, thoroughly clean your rattan garden furniture with detergent and rinsing water. Then store the clean furniture inside the safe shade or structure to keep them safe from the outside elements.

As the winter approaches, you will have to be well prepared. Sometimes your rattan garden furniture is too large to fit in your shed, or you may not have enough funds to construct a shed. Your remedy in such a case would be to remove the cushions of your rattan garden furniture and put the rest of the furniture under a shed. Every week or two, keep dusting and cleaning the furniture in the shed to maintain a good state or condition. For synthetic or polyethylene rattans, you do not have to worry much about storage in the shade. That is not the case with natural rattan furniture. If you leave them outside, they will not last long, especially with frost and dampness. Therefore, it will be necessary to lay them indoors during winter.

Final Thought

If you stay in an area with many winter conditions, you will save yourself a lot of the hustle and bustle if you purchase synthetic rattan furniture. The natural rattan furniture will require you to go a mile further to protect it from rust and wear and tear during winter times. Every time winter approaches, you will need a lot of resources and work to ensure that your rattan furniture maintains its original high-quality condition. Therefore, opt for synthetic rattan furniture and realize a lesser hustle to keep them in good condition. However, if you already have natural rattan furniture, all is not lost because you have the methods above to make them safe and in good condition. For instance, you could clean them up, cover them with polyethylene, and store them in a safe shade.

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