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Gift Ideas For the Cannabis Lover In Your Life

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the cannabis enthusiast in your life? With cannabis becoming legal in more places, gifts centered around weed are becoming more popular. However, it can still be tricky to figure out good ideas that will truly excite them. Between all the cannabis dispensary gift certificates, pipes, vapes, edibles, and grow kits, it feels overwhelming deciding what gift will put a smile on their face on Christmas morning or when they open up a birthday gift. But don’t worry, here’s some stellar ideas for gifts based on their interests from Mountain Annie’s Cannabis Dispensary.

For the Joint Roller

If they get excitement out of grinding flower carefully and rolling picture perfect joints, get them gifts like:

Premium Rolling Papers

A rolling paper variety pack that has different sizes, materials, and flavors will bring them joy. Go for one with natural unbleached papers as well as flavored options.

A Modern Rolling Tray

Upgrade their current stained tray with a sleek wooden, marble, or stainless steel one. Bonus points if you engrave or emboss their name or a cheeky weed phrase they say often.

Filter Tips

Reusable tips that easily insert into joints prevent scooby snacks and provide an elevated smoking experience. Get creative shapes like stars or QR codes.

For the Foodie

If infusing cannabis into baked goods, candies, and snacks seems to be their true passion, shop for gifts like:

A Cannabis Cookbook

A recipe book focused specifically on making THC-infused meals and treats will give their cooking major inspiration. Look for one with easy beginner recipes as well as advanced fancy dishes.

Baking Tools

High quality cannabis cooking requires specific tools like silicone molds, infusing machines, storage containers, herb grinders, dropper bottles for oils, and aeropress machines. Think about specialty items they don’t already have.

High-end Ingredients

Take their edibles to the next level by gifting gourmet chocolate, vanilla or fruit extracts, chromatography food coloring, candied flowers or fruits, and gold flakes.

For the Bong Enthusiast

If they’ve invested in an expensive glass water bong and keep it in pristine condition with frequent cleaning, shop for accessories:

Premium Lighter

A basic Bic won’t do for their prized piece. Get them a luxury torch lighter with flair. Bonus if its refillable by USB.

Bong Cleaning Kit

Keep their beloved bong sparkling by gifting a thorough cleaning kit. It should have pipe cleaners, formula 420 solution, and lint-free wipes.

Bong Attachment

Attachments like percolators, splash guards, and ice pinchers enhance airflow, cooling, and filtration. Find one made specifically for their bong model.

For the Discreet Vaper

If low key vape pens provide an ideal discreet experience outside the house, shop these gifts:

Stylish Carrying Case

Let them transport their vape safely when out and about with a fashionable leather case. Monogram it for a personalized touch.

Next Gen Vape

Don’t just get them a standard 510-thread vape cartridge. Upgrade them to a sleek pod-based that pairs with an app for temperature control, dosage monitoring, locking, etc.

Subscription Service

Give the ease of treats automatically arriving at their door through a monthly cannabis subscription box tailored toward vape products, new strains, one hitters, and accessories.

Whatever kind of stoner you’re shopping for this holiday season, hopefully these cannabis-centered gift ideas spark inspiration on the perfect present that exceeds their highest expectations.

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