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Pros And Cons Of Professional Essay writing Help Services

Reasons to Not Hire Essay writing Help Services & Reasons You Should

The internet has been the biggest boon for students struggling with academic writing. You can hire expert professionals who can help you with all your essay requirements in a few clicks. But why do students need these services at all?

Well, according to a recent report by the National Assessment of Education Progress, three-quarters of 12th and 8th graders lack basic writing proficiency. Additionally, 40% of students who took the ACT in 2016 lacked the reading and writing skills necessary to complete a college-level composition class.

Given students’ lack of confidence in writing and the data presented, it’s not surprising that many prefer to take the shortcut and hire professional writers to help them out.

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The Core Problem of Writing Essays

Essay writing is a fundamental academic piece of writing that you’ll encounter since primary school. The curious thing about essays is that the quality of writing needs to develop as you grow older, even though the topic might remain the same. For example, if you ask a grade 4 student and a university student to write an essay on “What I Want To Become In The Future,” you’ll receive two entirely different levels of writings.

However, the problem arises when you don’t find much difference between a grade 4 student’s writing and a university student’s composition. Many educators agree that the root problem lies within the teachers’ lack of emphasis on writing. Most teachers avoid teaching students how to write. In fact, according to the President of the National Council on Teacher Quality, teacher preparation programs barely focus on imparting the teaching of writing.

As a result, students are entirely unprepared to face the challenges of essay writing in colleges or universities. With poor processing and content writing skills, you’ll struggle in various aspects, such as:

• Basic spelling and vocabulary
• Expressing ideas
• Framing coherent sentences
• Expression clarity
• Use of appropriate grammar
• Writing speed
• Lack of comprehension

Students barely have time to catch a break in university, let alone figure out how to overcome these issues. As a result, the popularity of professional essay help services has skyrocketed in recent times.

But should you choose to hire a professional writing service, it is best to explore the pros and cons you will face in the journey.

Drawbacks Of Hiring Professional Help

If you’re struggling with writing essays, don’t worry. You’re not the first student to contemplate throwing your assignments out the window. Due to the rising demands from students across the US, various essay writing services have popped up online that promise to deliver quality guidance in all essays. But, unfortunately, most don’t live up to their lofty claims.

If you’ve never hired such services before, you must become aware of the 4 significant drawbacks to make an informed decision.

1. Professional writers are EXPENSIVE

Hiring professional essay writing services might make your financial situation more precarious if you’re on a tight budget. The prices depend on the complexity of the essay and the deadline. If you hire a writer for a simple piece that doesn’t require much research, you can probably find writers within $25. However, if you need urgent assistance for a complex essay, you might have to shell out more than $60.

2. Possibility of late delivery

There’s no guarantee that the service you hire will be able to deliver your work within the set deadline. Furthermore, if you go through the Terms and Conditions, most online essay writing services do not guarantee on-time delivery or provide any compensation. So, when you’re placing your order, it is best to set a shorter deadline so that, even if the writer delays the task, you can submit the paper by the due date.

3. No money-back on low-quality

Perhaps the most significant disadvantage of hiring professional essay writing services is that you have no control over the quality of the work. Even though these services boast professional writers, the quality doesn’t live up to professional standards. Unfortunately, you will not receive any money back. But, some services offer revisions until you’re satisfied.

4. Hard to figure out the genuine from the fake

With so many services cropping up every day, it has become challenging for students to determine the genuine ones from the lot. Despite all websites claiming to offer the best services, only a few, like, deliver on that promise.

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Essay Help Services

Now that you’re aware of the drawbacks, you might wonder, “Why do people hire such services anyway?” Well, the benefits are too vast to ignore. So, let’s explore the most prominent reasons students always go for professional services, despite its drawbacks.

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1. No worries about plagiarism

All academic institutions are strict regarding plagiarism. If your writing contains a hint of plagiarized content, you’ll have to deal with severe consequences. But when you hire professional writers, you won’t have to worry about such issues as these writers take special care to ensure your writing does not contain plagiarism.

2. Take the burden off the shoulders

Juggling essay assignments while keeping up with challenging coursework is impossible for many students. If you don’t multitask, you’ll be left in the dust while your peers move forward. However, rushing essays can significantly impact their quality. So, professional essay writing services come in handy to take away some of the responsibilities from your shoulders.

3. Well-researched writings

Every essay in college and university needs thorough research. However, finding the time to dedicate to this task can be more challenging than writing an essay. So, students generally prefer to hire professional writers with years of experience writing academic papers. These experts have a vast collection of resources that they can consult to craft a fantastic essay quickly.

4. Expert guidance on complex topics

There’s no need to worry about complex topics when you have professionals in every field to help you with your essays. These experts know every issue like the back of their hands and can help you write a detailed analysis that will impress your professors.

5. Free proofreading and citation checking

Many online essay writing services offer complimentary proofreading and citation checking services. Sometimes, when you’re in a hurry to complete your paper, you might not notice the spelling or grammatical errors littering your work. Fortunately, you can hire a professional proofreader to go through your work. Additionally, you can ask them to double-check your citations so you can avoid plagiarism.

Summing it up,

Every service in this world has its ups and downs – professional essay help is no exception. Even though such services have their benefits and disadvantages, you need to figure out if you’re willing to take the risk. Many students who have hired such services have had positive experiences. However, several others have faced bitter experiences as well. So, whether you choose to go with such professional help depends on how desperate you are to have a chance at scoring a high grade in your essay. If your GPA is on the line, you can take a leap of faith and book a dependable service to help you out.

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