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AI tools vs professional essay writers: Who wins the battle?

Do AI writing tools serve as a viable alternative to excellent content creators?

Artificial intelligence-based writing tools are programmed to evaluate material and then compose an essay on any subject. These systems can perform various functions, including keyword selection, content organization according to an argumentation structure, paragraph transitions, and discriminating between facts and views to eliminate errors such as a misspelling or improper tense.
Most AI-based essay typer operate similarly: you enter a topic, and the software generates a thesis statement. After that, you must input the supporting points for your thesis, and the AI program will construct an essay based on your data. But, unfortunately, the world is changing faster than we can keep up with it.
Now, the million-dollar question: Can AI take the job of professional content creators? Though there is no concrete answer to this question, arguments are always in favor of human writers. The following sections will give you a better understanding of this phenomenon.

AI Tools for Essay Writing: Pros and Cons



When it comes to essay writing, AI technologies can save you a lot of time. Rather than spending hours brainstorming subjects, gathering information, and producing an essay, you may simply enter a few ideas, and the piece should be completed in a matter of minutes.

Free from bias

AI writing tools are not meant to introduce their viewpoints into essays; instead, they are programmed to gather the information you provide and organize it logically.

Easily shareable

Because AI technologies do not require human input, their essays may be easily copied and pasted into other applications.


Creativity is missing

While AI technologies can create ideas for you, they are not intended to generate creative ideas independently. This means that you will almost certainly require outside assistance if you wish to write an appealing introduction or conclusion.

Incapable of completing complex activities on one’s own

As good as AI technologies are at arranging data logically, they are still incapable of writing innovative articles without human assistance. Additional expertise will be required to edit the final draft and provide input on how well the final essay adheres to the assignment requirements.

Chances for plagiarism

If you incorporate sections from other essays to complete your paper, there is a greater likelihood that those sources will not be credited or cited at all. These computers lack an understanding of how human language works and hence are incapable of connecting disparate parts of a document or distinguishing between fact and fiction. To prevent unintentional plagiarism, students must better understand writing styles and the proper citation of sources.

Professional Essay Writers vs AI Tools: Who is the Winner?

When it comes to essay writing, there are some jobs that an AI tool will never be able to complete—primarily those that need creativity, problem-solving, and a thorough comprehension of the complexities of human language. As a result, we cannot yet replace professional writers with AI tools. Learn more about piso wifi pause here.
However, if you struggle to meet deadlines and lack time for research and idea brainstorming, an AI writing tool can assist you in getting started. Bear in mind that your final copy will not be flawless; you will still require the assistance of someone who specializes in essay writing to correct grammatical issues and provide feedback on how well your essay matches the assignment requirements. In addition, artificial intelligence engines can generate information without plagiarising it, yet the distinction can be challenging to discern.
Therefore, if you’re debating whether or not to employ a professional essay writer, the answer is a resounding ‘YES’. By outsourcing your essay writing to experienced essay writers, you may save time while ensuring the greatest quality of your final work. And, fortunately for you, there are numerous excellent essay writing services available to assist you with all of your academic demands.

How to Choose the Best Essay Writing Agency for your Assignment?

When looking for a professional essay writing service, it is critical to conduct preliminary research. There are numerous services available, but not all are created equal. For your convenience, here are some guidelines for locating the best essay writing service:

  • Visit the business’s website: A quality essay writing business will have an attractive website that offers information about their writers, services, and pricing.
  • Examine reviews: After you’ve limited your selection of suitable dissertation writing services, make sure to read customer evaluations. This will offer you a fair notion of the level of service you can expect and the writing process in general.
  • Verify the credentials of your writer: The majority of essay writing services need their authors to possess a Master’s or Ph.D. in addition to passing a series of tests. This requires them to create high-quality work on subjects relevant to their academic field.

How to Combat AI Taking Over Your Essay Writing Job?

If you’re concerned that artificial intelligence may eventually take over your career, here are a few strategies to robot-proof it.

Use Creativity in Your Writing, Not Just for SEO

When you set down to write, prioritize your key audience over Google. Along with conducting web-based research, generate ideas using non-internet resources. For instance, interview individuals who have achieved the real-world success that you’re writing about. Additionally, leverage social media to your advantage by soliciting direct feedback from your audience via a poll or an intriguing article.

Know and Use Your Audience’s Experience

The next step is to review help requests and public forums to better grasp your audience’s issues. Then, determine the language they use when addressing a problem. Then, in the introduction of your blog posts, use the exact wording. Additionally, utilize storytelling to convey the scenario they’re experiencing to pique the reader’s interest.

Include the Emotion

Before you begin work on your project, consider the emotion your reader must be experiencing while they sought information on this subject. Then, using words, express that emotion. This will give them the impression that you care about them.

The Takeaway

Rather than fretting that AI may eventually take away your career, leverage it to your benefit. Utilize them as a writing assistant when you’re overwhelmed with work or experiencing writer’s block. Then, alter it to better meet the demands of your readers. If you’re good at what you do best as a professional human writer, you have nothing to worry about.

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