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How to Stay Healthy in This Fast-Forwarded Lifestyle

In the past few decades, life has become exponentially fast-paced and hectic for people. In an era where almost everything is available at our fingertips or at our doorsteps, moments fly past us quicker than we can grasp. Things that used to take days are now achievable in minutes, thanks to ever-growing technologies.

If you want to buy something, there are e-commerce websites delivering goods right at your doorsteps. OTT platforms bring you the excitement of movie-going right inside your living room. If you crave adventure, a breakout escape room in Bangalore or scavenger hunts are now accessible virtually as well. Basically, there is almost nothing that you cannot get your hands on from the comfort of your home today.

We can access people and products easily in a short period of time. Although this instant lifestyle has been beneficial, there are some downsides to this. Convenience has extensively caused a lack of physical movement.

With this high-speed lifestyle, people often fall into the pits of stress and depression, failing to keep up. As much as we would like to take things slow, it is not always an affordable choice. The best alternative here would be to stay fit mentally and physically to make sure you are not overloading yourself with work and stress.

Here are a few essentials that can help you stay healthy and peaceful even amidst a crazy lifestyle and routine:

7 Essentials that can help you Stay Healthy
1. Sleep like a baby
2. Feast like a King
3. Beware of pollution
4. Relieve Stress
5. Fitness
6. Pace
7. Mental health

Essentials that can help you Stay Healthy

Sleep like a baby

The first and most important part of a healthy lifestyle is to get the required amount of sleep every night. Now, this is extremely difficult to follow, considering the negligence surrounding sleep. Be it students or working people; they tend to work or study late into the night. Insomnia has become common among people too. But getting quality sleep is crucial for our brain and body to function well.

Our brain stores new information and gets rid of toxins at night. Our body needs to recover from the tiring day. Insufficient rest can affect your concentration and general health. So always try to get 7-8 hours of sleep to completely rejuvenate.

Feast like a King

Food is the fuel of the body. What you eat dictates your health. Everyone is busy, and it takes lots of effort to make nutritious home-cooked meals. Hence, most prefer eating out or making quick meals that usually don’t meet the required nutrition of the day. But food plays a vital role in maintaining the condition of every cell of your body. Eating unhealthy food can lead up to health complications and decrease the quality of your life.

Having a healthy diet will keep your body strong. Include greens and vegetables of every color into your diet. Make sure that you intake protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. Pre-preparing meals will make it easier to cook healthy dishes at home. With good food, you can provide great nourishment to your body.

Beware of pollution

From the food we eat to the air we breathe, the quality of everything is affected by pollution. A water filter provides clean water, and an air purifier can prevent dust. Fruits and vegetables have to be washed thoroughly to remove pesticides. But the root causes for these problems have to be dealt with so that we don’t suffer any harmful consequences. We need to protect our environment in order to live healthily and harmoniously.

Relieve Stress

Our lifestyle can make us feel stressed and overwhelmed. But getting stressed is natural for all living beings. We can’t avoid being stressed, but there are ways to lessen the burden of stress on your mind and body. Physically, doing stretches and moderate exercise will help to relieve the tension in the muscles. Taking long walks and surrounding yourself with nature will bring immense relief. To get rid of stress from your mind, you can do meditation. Also, writing down your overwhelming thoughts will help you relax.


We’ve evolved to be less physically active than our predecessors. Sitting for long hours and staring at bright screens takes a toll on your body. People have realized the importance of staying active and fit in recent years. Especially due to Covid, we learned that it’s crucial to look after our health. A sound mind in a sound body – the taking of your physical health will help with maintaining your mental health. Try to incorporate any kind of physical activity in your everyday routine; it could be Yoga, Dance, HIIT, or whichever suits you best. Additionally, make golfing a part of your fitness regimen with a convenient and portable lightweight golf stand bag, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of physical activity while indulging in your favorite sport. So make sure to hit the gym or roll out the yoga mat.


Each day seems to go by faster and faster. It’s a cycle of eating, sleeping, working and repeating for most people. Living at such a speed might blur the beauty of the present moment. This could cause a sense of purposelessness. It’s important to take some moments to savor and reflect on the present. Even machines start to wear off when they run for periods of time; we need to cool off from time to time. When you are tired, take a rest and slow down to recover.

Mental health

Our brain needs to be kept fit, just like our body. Just as diseases can affect and torment your body, your mind can suffer if you don’t pay heed to care for your mental health. The awareness of mental health has risen in the past couple of years, especially during quarantine. Loneliness became a member of every household.

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