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5 Reasons Why Getting Invisalign Is Worth the Cost

Have you ever thought about having orthodontic treatment to improve your smile? Invisalign is a highly sought-after system that uses clear trays to treat a variety of orthodontic and cosmetic problems. The Invisalign cost is similar to the cost of braces, but the treatment offers many more advantages than traditional braces.

There are five main reasons Invisalign is the best dental treatment option. Not only does Invisalign treat a variety of orthodontic issues, but it is also the least visible treatment option available. You do not have to stop eating specific foods, you can clean it often and easily, and you’ll likely experience less pain and soreness than you would with braces.

1. Treat a Variety of Problems

There are many different reasons an orthodontist might include Invisalign in your treatment plan. If you want to improve the look of your smile, then you might want to use Invisalign to straighten your teeth and close any gaps in your teeth.

Invisalign can also help treat functional dental problems. The Invisalign clear tray system can treat dental problems such as:

  • Crossbite
  • Crowded teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite

An orthodontist will be able to examine your teeth and recommend a treatment plan based on your specific needs and wants.

2. Clear Tray System

Unlike braces, the clear trays that make corrections in your mouth are almost invisible. Traditional metal braces and clear braces are more visible. Braces require brackets, a wire, and elastic bands to move the teeth into the correct position.

You are less likely to become self-conscious with Invisalign because the trays are clear. But they still do all the necessary work to improve your smile. In some cases, like a gap between teeth, the plastic might be a little bit visible. If you are worried about the plastic being seen in pictures, then all you have to do is remove the tray for the picture and then put it back in place again after you are done.

3. No Restricted Eating

It is common knowledge that when you get braces you have to be mindful of the things that you can eat. Sticky candies and hard foods are off limits when you have brackets on your teeth. If you choose to have Invisalign instead of braces, you won’t have to worry about the foods that you eat.

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When you are ready to eat, you simply take out the custom-fit tray, enjoy your food, then put the tray back in place. You never have to worry about whether the food you choose to eat will cause the tray damage since you don’t eat with the tray in place. Just make sure that your teeth are clean when you put the tray back in your mouth.

4. Easy Maintenance 

There is not a dental treatment device that will treat the same dental problems with as low maintenance requirements as Invisalign. Braces, no matter what kind you choose, can be difficult to clean. Pieces of food can get easily caught behind the brackets and wires. Removing the trapped food can be difficult and take time. Invisalign trays do not come into contact with food while you are eating.

The Invisalign trays are easy to keep clean with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Your dental hygiene may even improve while you are using the clear trays because you’re supposed to brush your teeth after you eat and before you put the trays back in your mouth.

Not only are Invisalign trays easy to clean, but they also require fewer visits to your orthodontist. Braces require frequent visits to replace the bands and adjust the wire. With braces, there is always the potential to break a bracket, band, or wire. If that happens, then an office visit is needed for repair or replacement. With Invisalign, you should be able to go for longer periods of time between office visits because the Invisalign trays are more durable.

5. Gentle and Comfortable Treatment

Having any dental work done can cause pain or discomfort. This includes straightening your teeth or making dental corrections. The best way to reduce the amount of pain in cosmetic dental work is to go with Invisalign.

The use of the clear tray straightening system eliminates the need for brackets, bands, or wires. Plus, you will not need to have these bands or wires adjusted, which can make your teeth feel especially sore. The tray system treatment is more comfortable throughout the entire adjustment process.

Treatment Advantages and Invisalign Cost

You should schedule a visit with your local certified Invisalign-trained orthodontist if you are thinking about straightening or correcting your teeth. The Invisalign cost is definitely worth it if you want an invisible treatment solution that corrects a variety of problems. With Invisalign, you will have the most confident smile without the pain or difficulty of braces.

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