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6 Effective SEO Techniques To Boost Organic Traffic For Your Business

The digital space is getting competitive every passing year. And in this fiercely competitive market, it has become important for a business to rank high up on search engines. If your business site does not have good rankings, it cannot fetch the intended traffic. And without organic traffic on your site, there will be no business for you as such.

A perfect example of organic traffic is a user searching for a certain product, and your site appears in the ranking for that product. As per reports, 75% of the users never go beyond the first page of the SERPs. So, if you use a set of solid SEO techniques that can get you on the first page of the SERPs, you are bound to get organic traffic on your site. So, on that note, here are 6 SEO techniques that you cannot afford to miss in 2022!

SEO Techniques To Boost Organic Traffic For Your Business

1. Upgrade and Update Existing Content

Keep upgrading and updating the content on your site regularly if you want it to generate huge organic traffic. This is important because certain articles and blogs on your site might be affecting your rankings, and you might not be aware of this.

When people search for review articles, trending news, current statistics, and sports updates, they want to see updated and new information. So, if your content falls in these categories, create new articles and update pages to increase and retain rankings.

Even if you are not serving the above niches, ensure updating the content on your site consistently to stay relevant to the users’ requirements.

2. Website Revamping Can Help Increase Organic Traffic

People do not like sloppy websites with poor design. In fact, 38% of the users will not visit a site anymore if it does not appeal to them. Conversely, attractive websites can increase both traffic and conversions. Even Google favors sites with excellent UX and design. Here’s an example:

After seeing a decline in organic visibility and traffic, the American Egg Board, a check-off marketing organization in the United States, revamped its site to make it more search-friendly. AEB maximized the visibility of its site through a proper SEO plan and came up with an integrated keyword strategy.

It also improved UX, organized the site content, and removed and merged sections of its old site to support its keyword plan. Results: AEB’s website revamping technique made its content more discoverable for search engines and users.This improved user experience on its site enabling the company to record a 22% increase in website traffic and 87% growth in mobile traffic.

3. Go for Voice Search Optimization

Around 40% of the online users in the United States use voice commands to search for the products and services they need. And the voice command search trend is likely to grow in 2022.

Part of the credit for this popularity goes to smart visual assistants such as Siri, Bixby, Alexa, and Google. With 4.2 billion voice assistants being used worldwide, searches have become more conversational and fluent. And in this conversational world of search engines, only businesses optimizing their sites for voice search gain organic traffic.

Using location-based and long-tail keywords with three or more words can help with voice search optimization.

4. Check Meta-Titles and Descriptions to Optimize Click-Through Rate

Most of the time, people notice the descriptions and meta-tags mentioned on business sites. Hence, including relevant keywords in the descriptions and the meta-titles can help sites rank high on the search engine result pages, thus bringing in organic traffic.

Even titles with proper keywords help Google understand the webpage content better, and thus it ranks that particular site higher.

5. Use More Video Content

Video optimization is one good way of using SEO to increase traffic. Adding a few relevant hashtags and keywords to your video content will help it get to the target audience fast. You must aim to increase the dwell time of the visitors on your site, and videos will help you do so easily. Use a video maker to create stunning videos that show up on your site and instantly catch the attention of the scrollers. Once they are on your video-optimized site, they will not leave it very soon. That’s because of the interest good quality video content creates.

As per a survey, 74% of the marketers say they witnessed huge ROI through videos, while 60% of the businesses already use videos in their marketing plan. 52% of the marketers say that videos helped build trust among prospects.

So, it is evident that videos do not just help with visitor engagement but also bring organic traffic to a site. You can also check out, an online publication agency in the UK. They thought of improving the overall design of its website by implementing videos. So the company updated old content on its site and added informative videos only to find the traffic pouring in like never before.

6. Increase the Average Time People Spend on Your Site

Dwell time is the time traffic visitors stay on a site before getting back to Google. Dwell time is also related to bounce rate because if a visitor on your site does not find the product or the service they are looking for, they will bounce off the site.

Experts say that bounce rate and dwell time are crucial Google ranking factors for websites to appear higher in the search results.

You can use different ways to keep visitors longer on your website. These include:

  • Writing long-form content
  • Embedding videos
  • Using tables, infographic, images, and other attractive visual elements to engage visitors.
  • Breaking content into easily readable sections.

These features help the visitors in grasping information in a better way.

Final Thoughts

This 2022, businesses should focus on offering personalized experiences because they are at the core of all SEO techniques. Developing top-quality content related to the target audience can help businesses gain organic traffic. Search Engine Optimization techniques are changing every passing day. So, be aware of these changes to remain prepared for the challenges ahead and follow the techniques mentioned above to boost your business traffic.

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