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Top 10 Best Jobs for College Students

A job that improves your career will look great on your college resume. A job that gives you enough time to study on shift or one you actively enjoy allows you to tackle all your work together. Choosing the best college job is a personal choice, independent of your goals and the activities that boost you, there are many practical considerations.

Top 5 best jobs for College Students

A paid internship

If you want to work full-time during school, the very best job you can land is a paid internship in your field. Internships are often more flexible and easygoing than jobs. They are used to working with students and are more willing to work with you according to your and their schedules.

Any job at the University

Many universities offer less, or even free, tuition fees for university employees. One of the major requirements is- to be employed for at least one year. Only then you can be eligible for other requirements. The best option is to work full time during school, you will be paid with the benefit of less student loan to pay back later.

Camp Counselor

Working as a camp counselor during summer can be a highly valuable task for college students for generations. This won’t require studying but it will be fun. Supervision of activities means being included in them too, which matches many of your hobbies. You get to spend your summer scuba diving, sailing, or even exploring the greenery of the rainforests.

Companies with Employee-tuition Programs

Many companies help employees to pay for college; for example- Starbucks. Other companies will reimburse various amounts. Some have very strict work guidelines, while some others are pretty liberal.

On-demand Driver

Uber and Lyft are pretty well known in this industry now. They make earning on your schedule easy. You just have to sign up, log in, and work as much as you want to. You can take off before your exams, work according to your schedules before Christmas and choose shifts according to school breaks without any prior permission. It is one of the perfect jobs available in Elizabeth city NC in for college students.

5 Best part-time jobs for College Students

Hotel Receptionist

Working as a receptionist can be a great part-time job for college students; experiences vary with hotels. Even though hotels require people at the front desk for taking reservations and checking in guests- these activities give you significant time to study. Other works include- opening and closing register, setting up breakfasts, or light reception cleaning.

Personal Trainer

Working at gyms allows you to take care of your personal health and fitness while helping others. Staying fit proves to help your mind, relieve stress, and increase concentration. One of the greatest advantages is that you are traditionally in charge of your own schedule, which in the end sums up as a bonus for you when you have proper time to manage all your classes.

Tutor, Professor’s assistant or Researcher

These three jobs are similar to what keeps you in touch with learning, keeps your brain active and working, and engaged while you attend school. This work has various perks. Explaining tough topics to others helps you to understand them better. You get to stay in touch with topics you studied months or years ago. This job helps to restore your knowledge and keep them intact.

It helps develop leadership and interpersonal skills. It is a great part-time job since it drops you in close proximity with an educator at your college. There are abundant and various benefits. There is a lot to gain from the professors.


One is never too old to babysit. Taking care of kids is a nice opportunity for college students. Parents usually are looking for babysitters so that they get to spend some time outside without their kids. Kids’ bedtime can be your study time if you have experience with infants. Infants need special care and attention, but they also require sleep in an incredible amount. Watching over kids part-time is a work of great responsibility, but also a unique opportunity to study and earn on the job.

Sports Instructor

If you are passionate about extreme sports, working in such fields can be very rewarding both monetary and work vise. Teaching other people to scuba dive, snowboard, or paraglide is a way to share your passion with others while taking time to do something you love. Bonus, you also get paid for doing and teaching these fun activities.


It is frustrating to see your friends partying and enjoying their lives, while you are working. Don’t be sad. It’s very beneficial in the future since your resume will be better after this struggle. Not only a good resume, but you’ll learn a lot of soft skills to grow in life.

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