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How Can You Design an SEO-Friendly Website?

What is SEO-friendly Content?

SEO-friendly content is content that helps the search engine to rank it high. If your content is SEO-based, then it will be ranked high as well as more organic traffic will be attracted to your website. There are a few criteria to make your webpage SEO friendly and to make it high rank in any search engine.

Some users think that stuffing the content with keywords will help your website rise high, but it is not entirely true. Rather than stuffing your content with more keywords, try to use meaningful and useful keywords which can be easily searchable.

What is SEO Web Design ?

SEO web design is the web’s design, which helps users to stay longer on your webpage for related information. The design has to be search engine friendly. The web designs should be made so that Google and other search engines should be able to slide all the pages of the website. After this, Google searches for the best, most relevant data and shows their users only this type of data; if your content is one of them, your website will appear on the top in Google.

However, it is also observed that only 5-10% navigate to the first ranking of the page in a search engine. Most people prefer the second or third ranking of the results.

Let’s know about a few facts that can help you design an SEO-friendly website.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is the feature that the owner of the website controls and plays a crucial role in understanding the content and crawling the search engine.

There are a few strategies for on-page optimization, which are given as follows:

● Keywords play a very crucial role in making the website which is SEO friendly. It is essential to select the right keyword and place it at the right place on the page. This will help the user to search easily as well as to bring more traffic.
● Another thing is that tags like meta tags, header tags, image alt tags help make your content more understandable; it also helps your website become noticeable very quickly.
● Create a URL that is useful and promotes your search for both the search engine and the users. The ease will promote your content more to both the users and the search engine.
● Creating a navigation system for internal information helps maintain the user’s expectations.
● Using engaging content in the website will help the users attract to the website and specific content. You can use content like images, videos, texts with special effects, and more; this will help you focus more on your content and your website. When traffic gets attracted to your website, your website will automatically be shown at the top.
● Creating great content in which users can find something new and unique will help your content distinguish itself from others.
● Creating experience across devices is very important; creating a responsive website is essential.
● The other more important thing is that a website should be attractive, visually informative, keywords should be given in a manner that users can use and can easily reach your website.
● If you want your website to be found on Google, then SEO services are critical because it helps your website to be found on google hassle-free.

Off-Page Optimization

It is another part of making an SEO-friendly website, which plays a crucial role in web design. This optimization deals with the links and social media references, which help increase the authority of the website and helps in increasing the rank of the website when required. The role of off-page optimization was basically in marketing and amplification of the websites.

A few strategies of Off-page optimization is given as follows:

  • Analyze and observe how other websites or your competitors use strategies or techniques to bring a higher ranking in Google. This will help you correct your website and bring necessary changes to it when required.
  • The role of the keyword is required here; also, you need to put the keyword-rich subject in the links. Links provided on the website can also be helpful because users mainly click on the link.
  • Earning links and getting links from the website is very important to get the search engine in your favor. Getting links, which helps to authorize the search engine, will help your website reach higher ranks.
  • Connecting your content with links will help your users get references and help them understand your content in a better way.

Types of Web SEO

There are two types of Web SEO: A white hat and a black hat. These two are techniques based on which your content is divided between google or any other search engine. Let’s see more about these techniques:

White Hat technique

This technique is essential for your content as this is the only technique that helps to get your content accepted by google. White hat techniques also help your content increase the ranking and gather traffic for your content. In short, the White Hat technique is responsible for all the positive actions on your content.

Black Hat technique

Some actions were performed to get a higher ranking quickly, with spamming in the past. The black hat technique is used to catch those types of spamming involved in such a thing. There are different types of fraud by which one can quickly get the higher ranking, but now it can be caught by machine learning and is illegal. Some spamming which were involved are:

  • Keywords spamming
  • Buying links
  • Selling link
  • Hiding link on your website
  • Using copied content
  • Copied link
  • Keyword stuffing
  • appropriate links


For growing a site, SEO is a must-needed weapon. Along with the contents, the site needs to be SEO friendly too. It is ideal for businesses to get assistance from experts because they can implement their expertise to build a robust and attractive SEO-friendly website hassle-free. We hope the tips mentioned above will assist you a lot in designing an SEO-friendly site.

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