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Finger injury at work Compensation Claims | Everything You should Know

Finger injury at work Compensation Claims | All You Need to Know

Finger injuries at work can be both temporary and permanent. You can file a claim for compensation if your fingers were hurt or broken at work. Many injury claim specialist solicitors can assist you with all forms of finger and hand injury claims at work, from lost finger compensation to thumb injury settlements and finger amputation compensation.
You might be concerned about the cost of hiring an injury claim specialist. However, it is now extremely simple for you. You don’t have to pay anything upfront or during the litigation. It’s because they can assist you with a No Win No Fee finger injury at work.
As a result, you will not be required to pay anything until you receive your settlement funds.

Types of Finger Injuries At Work

There are several different forms of finger injuries that can occur in the workplace. Some are insignificant, while others have long-term consequences. Let’s take a look at some of the most common sorts of workplace finger injuries.

  • Cut finger at work
  • Dislocation
  • Vibration White finger
  • Finger fractures at work
  • Finger amputation at work
  • Broken finger at work
  • Lost finger at work

Not only that, but the sorts of finger injuries also consider the finger or thumb that has been hurt. So, these are the several types of fingers for which you might seek compensation.

  • Index finger injury at work
  • Injured pinky at work
  • Injured middle finger at work
  • Thumb injury at work
  • Injured ring finger at work

It’s critical to understand the sort of finger injury you have since it affects your ability to receive compensation. When compared to the compensation for a lost finger injury at work, minor injuries receive less compensation.

Common Injuries To Fingers

The severity of any finger injury, as well as whatever digit was injured, will have a significant impact on the amount of compensation offered. Before we look at finger injury settlement amounts, let’s have a look at some of the most prevalent injuries to fingers for which people seek compensation:

  • Soft tissue and ligament damage is another type of finger injury and it can be severely painful.
  • Crushed, trapped, and cut fingers are typically seen in accidents at finger injury at work.
    Finger dislocations are very much painful and they can lead to other many side effects and the one is arthritis.
  • The breaking and fracturing of the bones of the fingers are incredibly painful and can take much time to heal.
  • Simple wounds can cause nerve, tissue, and blood vessel damage in certain cases, however, most simple cuts and bruises heal rapidly.

Some of the more serious long-term finger injuries, such as vibration white fingers have left victims in severe pain for years. While compensation has recently been addressed, the impact on many people who have been suffering for decades has been devastating, to say the least.

Common Finger Injury Claims

It’s fair to state that a  finger injury at work of various degrees of severity can occur in a variety of situations. The following are some of the more typical causes of finger injuries seen in compensation claims:

  • Using a keyboard without the wrist supports. And doing several tasks on it.
  • A simple accident while working in an unsafe environment.
  • Some injuries are caused due to the use of defective products.
  • Road traffic accidents can lead to significant finger injuries. Usually, people raise their hands to protect themselves or their loved ones.
  • Some sports such as football, rugby, cricket, etc will cause finger injury because accidents can cause at any time any place.
  • Schools and nurseries, provide the safest environment but have recorded more than their fair share of finger injuries.
  • Vibration white finger that is caused by using vibrating machinery.
  • Finger injuries are caused by using machinery at the workplace.

A simple accident and an accident caused by negligence are two very different things. Even in the event of an accident, claiming compensation for a finger injury may be difficult if any party perceived to be in charge/responsible for a particular activity involving a group of individuals has met their legal duty of care.
Unfortunately, we witness a variety of accidents caused by negligence, which frequently result in finger injury at work claims.

Finger Injury Settlement Amounts Guide

The severity of the injury, the impact it has had on your life, and your future prognosis will all go into the settlement amount for a finger injury. As a result, the following figures should only be used as a guide.

Loss Of Partial or Full Loss Of Finger Settlement Amounts

  • Amputation of the terminal phalanges of the index or fingers can impair the grip, feeling and lead to difficulties in movements and scarring. As a result, a settlement in the region of £24,000 could be available.
  • The amputation of the only finger that is reserved for the ring attracts settlements in the region of £19,999.
  • Amputation of your little finger can have an impact on many areas of everyday life with settlements between £7,950 and £10,999.
  • Finger injury at work causes Partial loss or total loss of the index finger, impacting your hand grip, general movement can see settlements anywhere from £10,999 up to £16,999.

    Broken Finger Compensation Amounts

  • Some minor finger injuries, such as a hairline fracture, scarring, or tenderness, can cause much pain and get settlement amounts up to £3,600.
  • A broken index finger not only impacts your hand grip but also further complications its compensation would be around £7,350 up to £10,000.
  • A broken finger, fractures, tendon damage, permanent loss of the grip, and some form of deformity of the main middle finger can get the compensation of between £12,980 and £14,350.
  • Some extreme breaks or fractures to your fingers can be severely painful, can cause an impact on your hand grip, and sometimes lead to many other medical complications. As a result compensation anywhere up to £35,000 may be several different forms of finger injuries can be awarded.

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