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What is the right way to start competitive exam preparation

Nowadays, students are eager to clear competitive exams to achieve a desirable and respectable job. Due to a plethora of candidates appearing for competitive exams every year, competition is increasing rapidly. Most aspirants assume the preparation of competitive exams as a daunting task. Do you know why it happens? This is because they don’t know where to start and how to start. Competitive exams comprise a number of complex problems from a vast syllabus. Therefore, to complete this huge amount of syllabus before examination you need to have a certain mindset and a proper strategy. Therefore, in this article, we will unpack the right way to start the competitive exam preparation productively.

In competitive exams, candidates are selected according to their credentials and performance. Due to limited seats, aspirants usually get stressed and anxious. They get blank and fail to grasp anything due to poor concentration. If you also experience this type of fear, you can associate with the eminent institute providing the excellent bank coaching in Chandigarh. Getting help from experts will help you to improve your skills and you can perform confidently in exams. Make sure to read this article attentively till the end to smoothen your preparation phase.

What is the right way to start competitive exam preparation:

Know the syllabus and exam pattern

The first and foremost thing that is crucial for effective preparation is to first check out the latest syllabus of your exam. You need to understand all the examination requirements for a better outcome. After checking the syllabus, know the weightage of various subjects and topics. This will give you a clear idea about the sections which need more time and energy. After getting an overview it will be easy for you to plan your schedule accordingly. Now the next step is to understand the structure or pattern of the exam. For this, you can scan through previous year question papers and get acquainted with the exam pattern. This way you will be able to know the marking scheme used in the exam.

Make proper schedule

Now you are familiar with your syllabus, weightage of each topic and the exam format, the next step is to make a proper study plan before starting the preparation. You should create a schedule in a way so that your whole syllabus will be completed 15-20 days before exams. These 15-20 days you can utilize for revision. Make sure to divide every section in the timetable because it is not an appropriate way to give more importance to some sections and avoid others. Therefore, ensure to give 1 hour to each section, after completing each section include short breaks to relax your mind. A 15-20 minutes break is enough to calm your mind and then you can continue with other sections. This way, studying will not be boring anymore and you can prepare every section simultaneously.

Remember to give more time to complex topics than simple ones. After planning your daily schedule, you should strictly follow it, only then you will be able to complete your syllabus on time. Additionally, if you want to boost your preparation, you can approach the illiourious source delivering the brilliant SSC coaching in Chandigarh.

Arrange reliable study resources

In order to follow your daily schedule and to start preparation, you need reliable study resources which provide you ample knowledge and information to ace the exam. However, most students keep a number of books and other study materials but end up getting confused, as they can’t decide which book is suitable for preparing different topics. Therefore, we want to inform you that the concept followed in each book is the same, just their way of elaboration is different. Therefore, you should prefer those books which emphasize more on explaining the basic concepts and principles.

Having a reliable study material can make your preparation easy and effective and will save your time from shuffling between different books. Therefore, if you want to acquire best study material and proper guidance from experts, you can connect with the right platform prostituting the best bank coaching in Chandigarh.

Eliminate stress and fear

You can never prepare productively for exams without eliminating fear and stress because these two factors will reduce your concentration power. As a result, you will not be able to grasp your concepts. Therefore try to convert all the fear and pressure into a positive and exciting way of thinking. To tackle this, make sure to apply some healthy techniques like meditation and yoga. This will help you to prepare your mind for every challenge and boost you to continue practicing the topics.

Eliminate distractions

Before preparation, make sure to eliminate all the distracting factors from the study area. These distracting elements will not allow us to focus on the concepts. We all know that there are many sections which include analytical questions, and you have to concentrate properly for better learning outcomes. If you are fully attentive then memorizing information will be much easier. Therefore, it is crucial to eliminate all the distractions around you to concentrate more on cracking the exam.


A right strategy for preparation is imperative to ace the exams. So, this is a step by step strategy to prepare for competitive exams to get a better outcome. We hope you will reach your goals by following these guidelines.

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