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The Benefits of Women’s Pull-On Shorts

Women’s pull-on shorts can be worn anywhere – from casual hangouts to heart-pumping workouts. They can even make a fashion statement when styled with a blouse, blazer, and heels for date night.

Comfort and convenience have similar meanings but are different in etymology. Comfort refers to a physical sensation – like Goldilocks’ chair – while convenience describes economic advantage – like a convenience store.

Breathable Fabric

Keeping cool during the summer can be difficult, especially when you’re active. Wearing breathable fabrics is one way to avoid sweating and staining your clothing. Breathability refers to a fabric’s ability to allow water and vapor to pass through it. It’s important to note that a breathable fabric does not necessarily have to be light or soft. It can also be heavy or stiff if it allows air to move through it.

When shopping for clothes, look at the tag to see what kind of breathable fabric is used in each piece. The best breathable fabrics are lightweight and designed to reduce the amount of sweat produced while you’re active. The breathable fabric will also dry quickly, another key aspect to looking and feeling your best.

You can find out what the breathable fabric of your favorite pair of shorts is by reading the label, which should list what type of breathable fabric it is made from. You can also test the breathability of your clothing by holding it up to the light and seeing how much it lets through. For example, a more open knit or weave will be more breathable than tighter ones.

When buying shorts, it’s also essential to consider the length of their inseam. To measure the inseam of your shorts, lay them flat on a table or other surface and smooth out any wrinkles. Then, use a tape measure or ruler to line up the seams that run down each leg and meet at the crotch at the fly.

Comfortable Fit

Regarding summer outfits, women’s pull-on shorts provide the perfect balance of comfort and style. A fitted top, a women’s t-shirt or tank, and sandals create a chic and casual outfit. Women’s shorts allow easy movement, unlike long pants that cling to your skin and can make you feel overheated. The right fit is also important. A pair of shorts that are too long can cause you to expose your knees, while those that are too tight can cling to your waist and feel restrictive.

he best way to determine your correct size is to try them on and stand up straight while someone measures your leg opening. Measure from the front waistband of buttoned shorts (or rise) to the point where the crotch and leg seams meet beneath the fly. Then, add a half-inch to calculate the total circumference.

To help you find the best pair of women’s pull-on shorts for your body shape, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites below. If you’re looking for a flattering fit, consider a high-waisted option that will slim out your midsection or an elastic waistband that will hug you where it counts. In addition, a wide waistband that sits farther up on your waistline will define your curves, while a high-rise design will elevate your silhouette and make your legs look longer.

Convenient Pockets

When shopping for casual shorts, look for models that offer a variety of pockets. The pocket locations can help you organize your essentials so they’re easy to find when you need them. Some shorts have a front zip pocket, while others have side pockets or an internal waistband pocket for worry-free storage of cards and cash. A longer inseam may prevent thigh chafing on long walks if you plan to hike, bike, or run.

Several pairs of women’s pull-on shorts with pockets are ideal for outdoor activities. These lightweight shorts from Columbia feature a comfortable stretch fabric, and a UPF sun-protection finish. They come in seven summery colors and are tailored based on your waist size and inseam, making it easy to find the right fit.

Another great option is these breathable hiking shorts from Patagonia, crafted from their upgraded stretch fabric to flex your movements. They have a zippered side security pocket and a DWR finish to repel light rain and puddle splashes.

If you’re looking for a pair of lightweight training shorts, check out these from Gymshark. They’re made from their soft DreamKnight fabric, which is comfortable enough for loungewear but offers performance features like a moisture-wicking liner and a stretchy feel. The shorts are longer with a 5-inch inseam but come in a 2.5-inch version for those who want less coverage.

Easy to Wash

In contrast to long pants, which can cling to the skin, women’s shorts are breathable and easy to move in. Pair them with a comfortable cotton tee and a pair of flat sandals for a casual beachy aesthetic, or dress them up with a tunic top, blazer, and heels for a more sophisticated look perfect for a balmy summer evening outing.

Fashion shorts are great for highlighting the areas of your body you love while concealing the ones that need extra attention. For example, high-waisted shorts can smooth out a tummy pooch and create a slimmer silhouette. On the other hand, a low-rise style can give the impression of a larger waist or accentuate your curves in ways you might prefer to avoid.

When shopping for a new pair of shorts, measuring the inseam correctly is important to ensure a flattering fit. For the most accurate results, have someone help you lay the garment flat and smooth out any wrinkles before measuring. Start at the front waistband just above the fly and measure along the line of stitching that sews the crotch and leg panels together, or if there is no such seam, from where the two legs meet to the bottom of the hem. Use this measurement to compare against the inseam details on the product pages for the ideal size to purchase.

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