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7 Tips for Student Moves

Student moves can be an incredibly stressful life event for families. It’s best to plan ahead. Preparing for a student’s move out of the home by taking time to organize and seek assistance from movers near me can make the transition smooth. Whether packing up a dorm room or preparing for your return home after freshman year, the following tips may help smooth out any bumps along the way:

1. Plan Your Move Early

Prepare early for your move. Start researching the area you may move to and familiarize yourself with the neighborhood. Researching your new neighborhood may help you navigate the area more easily. This is especially important when moving to a different state.

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Plan what you need at least a few months before your expected move date. Doing this will give you enough time to organize, pack your belongings, and coordinate transportation. A checklist can help you keep track of all you need to do before and on your moving day.

2. Know Your Budget

Moving can be expensive. Even if your parents or guardians can contribute to your relocation expenses, you should set a budget for your move and stick to it.

Consider all your costs, including packing supplies and any moving services you may need. Make sure to factor in the price of any storage fees you may incur if you’re moving during the school year and need to store your items.

3. Pack Only Necessary Items

Moving away from a familiar place may make it tempting to pack a lot of memorabilia. The more items you pack, the higher your moving costs. Space at your new home may be limited. Packing may be the perfect time to sort out your stuff and eliminate what you don’t need. If you are relocating for college, your school may provide a moving checklist.

Getting rid of stuff that reminds you of your home may be challenging. Donating some of your things to people who need them can make it easier for you to let them go. You can also take pictures of your mementos instead of taking the actual items with you. Not only this, you can create apps like Snapseed QR codes in order to scan the codes on packed items to check what’s inside it.

4. Organize Your Packing

Do not pack your items haphazardly. Doing this can make them harder to unpack or may damage your fragile items. When packing clothes, fold them neatly so that all you need to do is place them in the closet after unboxing them.

Packing items that go into one room together will simplify your unpacking. All the grooming and bathroom necessities can go in one box. Label your boxes as you pack to avoid confusion.

5. Get Packing Supplies

It may be impossible to pack without the proper packing supplies. Some moving supplies include boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and labels. Start collecting boxes and other packing materials several weeks before your move to give yourself enough time to pack and label your belongings properly.

Storage bins are an excellent alternative to storage boxes. Unlike boxes you have to get rid of after a move, you can keep your items in storage bins even after settling into your new home. You can store school supplies, extra clothes, or personal care items in your bins. Bonus if your bins are stackable!

6. Buy Cooking Utensils

You are responsible for feeding yourself when you move from your parent’s home to your college dorm. Takeout can be expensive. You will want some basic utensils for cooking. Some basic cooking utensils include:
•    Peelers
•    A cast iron skillet
•    A cutting board
•    Tongs
•    A ladle
•    Spatula
•    A wooden spoon
•    Some cooking pots
•    Spoons
•    Plates
•    Food storage containers

7. Get Professional Help

If you are moving long distances, professional movers can make your relocation easier and less stressful. Typing the words “movers near me” on a search engine can show you the nearest movers that offer long-distance relocation services.

A moving company can handle the relocation process, from packing and transporting your items to unpacking and arranging them at your new place. All you have to do is tell them where to go and relax while someone else does all the work.

Hire Movers Near Me

Moving for the first time can be stressful. With good planning, you can relocate to your new home without complications. If you do not have the time or experience to plan a relocation, a call to find movers near you is all you need to sort out your moving problems.

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