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4 IT Management Services to Keep Your Business Afloat

While IT services for business are in demand, many companies may still not know what exactly it is that an IT service provider does and how they’d benefit from one. Are they in charge of cybersecurity? Do they run the website? Are they on standby to help your team with any technical issues?

The answer is sometimes all three, and maybe more. IT management is a very important and varied job that encompasses many tasks. Many situations require the IT service provider to be very knowledgeable in both computer software and hardware. The following are four of many services that an IT service provider offers.

1. Malware Prevention

One of the most important things that an IT service provider is in charge of is preventing malware infections on company-owned devices.

This often includes multiple steps, including researching the best antivirus software for your company, installing the software on each computer, server, and applicable devices. Further, they’ll be ensuring that the software is running properly and conducting automatic scans on a daily basis.

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These preventative measures can make a huge difference in keeping your company’s devices secure. Many malware infections can be prevented simply by investing in the proper software, and patching software.

2. (Additional) Cybersecurity

In addition to preventative measures, your IT service provider is also there to address any issues that may have slipped past the many guardrails that they put in place, or before they were on the job.

Depending on the issue, addressing a cybersecurity threat can involve manually locating and removing infected files, running even more in-depth antivirus scans on possibly infected machines, or changing passwords if login information has been compromised.

3. Providing Assistance

It’s only a matter of time before someone on your team faces some type of technical issue. Whether it’s related to a malware infection, user error or hardware failure, an experienced and knowledgeable IT service provider will be able to talk your team member into resolving the issue.

If all else fails, your IT service provider should be able to take a look at the device themselves, if that is a service they offer or if they have become a permanent member of your organization. Even remote IT service companies have tools that allow remote access to the computer that can solve a variety of OS or software issues or vulnerabilities.

4. Website Assistance

Being a webmaster is another task often endowed to IT service providers. Whether that’s updating an outdated website, fixing up broken code or rearranging web pages to make the site more easy to navigate.

While this may initially seem like a job for a more aesthetically-inclined person, an IT professional should definitely be involved in anything related to something as tech-leaning and important to business operations. Designers are not developers, and vice versa, after all, so if you’re looking for someone who can do both, you’re leaning into a marketing agency need instead of an IT firm.

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