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Questions To Ask Your Propane Supplier

When shopping around for a new propane supplier, ask the right questions to find a perfect fit for you, your home, or your business. Not all propane companies provide services and gas at the same quality. If you are looking for a high-quality propane company, make a list of questions to ask in order to find a company that meets your expectations. Here are a few questions to ask your supplier:

How Much Propane Do I Need?

The size of your tank can dictate how much propane you can store. The tank size also determines how frequently you may need to refill. To understand the propane you need, look into the number of appliances that rely on propane as a fuel source. You may require more propane than a single individual if you have multiple appliances or a large family. 

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What Is the Delivery Schedule?

Find out when they can deliver and how often they can do so. Inquire about the time frame for deliveries in the event of an emergency. Propane companies may sometimes offer same-day or next-day delivery services, but you can confirm this.

Ask if there are any additional charges associated with emergency deliveries. Knowing the delivery schedule up front can help you plan accordingly and know that your propane needs will be met on time.

What Are the Payment Options?

Many suppliers allow customers to pay by cash, check, or credit card. Some may also offer payment plans or financing. Ask about discounts available if you pay in full at the delivery time. Inquire about any late fees or other charges associated with payment. Knowing these details in advance can allow you to set a budget and stick to it.

Do You Provide Installation and Maintenance Services?

A new propane tank installation can be work-intensive. You want to work with a company that knows what they are doing to prevent property damage and promote propane tank durability and safety. Find out whether the supplier offers same-day installation services.

Propane equipment might need frequent maintenance for efficiency purposes. Work with a propane gas supplier that offers these services. As they deliver the gas, they can also help determine whether you need to replace or repair a unit.

What Safety Measures Do You Have in Place?

Your propane company needs to explain if they have safety features built into their tanks, such as pressure relief valves and overfill prevention devices. They must also explain their protocols for safe delivery, including the proper installation and handling of the propane tank and its connections.

Suppliers must also explain the emergency shut-off procedure that should be followed in case of a leak. They need to provide information about the safety measures that need to be taken while using propane in your home or business, such as proper ventilation and the use of approved gas appliances.

Do You Have a Minimum Order?

Most suppliers require their customers to place a minimum order for delivery. This could be a certain number of gallons, a set amount of money, or a combination of the two. The exact minimum order depends on the supplier and the type of delivery service they offer.

Understand the minimum order requirement before signing up with a supplier because this may affect your budget. Determine what happens if you don’t meet the minimum order. Find out whether you might be charged a delivery fee or other additional costs.

What Are the Terms and Conditions?

The terms and conditions can include delivery dates, payment options, return policies, and any fees associated with the services. Learn about delivery schedules and the minimum order quantity. Be aware of any extra fees, such as service charges or hidden costs, that may not be included in the quoted price. Being informed of the terms and conditions may help you to get the best deal possible on your propane order.

Work With the Best Propane Supplier

Consumers purchasing propane may have a few key questions to ask potential suppliers. Learning the answers to these questions can help you make an educated decision in selecting the right propane supplier and getting the most from your money. Having a quality propane provider who can meet all your needs may help you to enjoy stress-free propane use in your home or business.

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