Your Vintage Game Devices Can Be Worth A Lot

Is your house stuffed with all the old dusty gadgets like video games, old Television sets, and record players? Thinking what to do with all these trashes? Well, you can actually encash these things and get a good amount.

According to the senior director of the resale app Mercari, old school kind of stuff have a real resale value and currently has a great demand in the market. Out of all these old junkies, video game consoles from early 2000s are being sold like a hot cake and has higher value in the market. It has been estimated that this price is about to rise for the longest sustainable time. Many consoles have also become collector’s items as soon as the gaming companies announced the latest one. There are a lot of old game consoles that are still being searched for by 30,000 people or even more over a span of three months. 

Value of the old video consoles

Do you have any idea of the price of PlayStation2 or GameCube or even the original Xbox? The price of these game consoles are near about $75 to $100 or even more, provided they are in perfect working condition. However, unless an extremely rare version or special edition of an old game console isn’t worth thousands of dollars. So if you are expecting to sell all your old video consoles in thousands of dollars, you are probably over expecting. The value of the console is determined based on the condition, color and other add-on features of the product. 

If you are lucky enough to have any 1st or 2nd generation gaming consoles like Atari 2600, Magnavox Odyssey like games, then you are most like to get something around $15 to $50.  Not everyone will be interested in buying these super old consoles but vintage consoles from the collectors market may be interested. The 3rd generation video game consoles mostly include NES, Atari 7800, Sega Master System, which has a value of $40 to $75. Some video game buyback stores may be interested in these systems.

The 4th generation gaming consoles can be worth $30 up to $150 depending on the quality and variety of video games. The 4th generation mostly has Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx, Neo Geos and a lot more. Now comes the 5th generation Gaming console like PlayStation, N64, Saturn, Jaguar whose worth can be more than $15 to $200. Yes, Atari Jaguars can go up to this price, can you imagine the worth of your gaming console? You may face a lot of difficulty in finding a worthy buyback store for your old stuff, but if you can any good online store that collects vintage gaming console then you can get a satisfactory amount.

There are a lot of other old things like record players, iPods, Old phones and many other things from the ’60s that can actually have a high value. 

Record players- Phone has now totally replaced the old record players. Most of the people still have tons of cassettes, CDs and MP3s stored in their homes.  They cannot get over the super vintage sound of the old record players. It’s time to brush up the dust and encash your old record player for $150 and in some places, it may also get hiked by two or three times the original price. 

iPods- Old iPod is not just a music system it is an emotion. It is obvious for most people to have bid farewell to their old stuff, but there is still a huge demand for these things in the market. In fact, iPod Nanos are still high in demand and it has been sold at an average price of $72. iPods and iPod Nanos were so tiny that carrying it in your pocket was no big deal. people used to carry this tiny little iPod while working out or whenever you want to go, and this made our life a lot easier than carrying the huge smartphone in our hands. These had hard drives up to 160 GB and had no complicated operations. It can only play music. Any such iPod that is still in working condition can be worth $300.

Old phones– Old land phones that had a rotary style is almost extinct. Do you remember how difficult was it to dial 9? It was almost like fingers working out to get six-packs! However, people still admire the old stuff and are ready to get such rotary style phone even in $100 for a fine phone that is still working. Maybe it is just the price of nostalgia or maybe they want their next generation to get accustomed to such things. 

Anything that belongs to the ’60s is vintage. So any vintage item in your home can fetch you a huge amount. It may be a television, radio, camera or even an alarm clock. Any leftover electronic item from the ’60s, that is still in working condition is no doubt most demanding and is worth a lot.

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