Vintage Style: Glam

Rocking the glam look takes a lot of attitude!! Always eye catching and loud, this style is major fun and indulges the diva in us all.

Glam royalty: where would the glam girls be today without the disco-diva to pave their way? Anything metallic, rhinestones, huge diamonds and glitter was their choice. Could you think of all that without Diana Ross?? Big hair, big attitude, lots of sparkle and lots of skin!

Diana Ross works it!

Glam icons: who can look beyond J.Lo for modern glam? Always immaculately groomed, she was never one to throw on a huge cardigan and call it stylish! With more bling and fur than any other diva, she has absolutely personified glam! I don’t think she ever saw something shinny that she didn’t like!

Jennifer ‘not really from the block’ Lopez

And a notable mention for Penelope Cruz. Although she could never out-glam J.Lo, she has made a valiant attempt and looked damn good while doing it!

Pen Cruz

Potential Glam: Of course Beyonce and the new Rihanna (both have one name, which I think makes them half way there already!)



With a love for all things sparkly and video clips which practically blind us from all of that bling, these two youngsters are defiantly the new wave of glam!


– Bronzer and shimmer! And LOTS of it!
– Designer handbags and sunglasses (glam girls only want the best – or the illusion of the best which may come from China!)
– BLING, BLING and more BLING! Doesn’t matter if its real, but chains, rings, earrings and anything else you can think of are ALL necessary. If you ever heard that rule “take off two things before you leave the house”, a glam girl should put on 12 EXTRA (shinny) things before she leaves the house
– Always wear heals. Going shopping: heals. Going to the park: heals. Walking the dog: heals. I think you get the picture!
– Fur. Faux though.
– Showing off skin. Its either short or its plunging.

And long live the Diva!

Just quickly – I’m never one to think a story like this is not amusing. Some may call this harsh, but don’t think I know your secretly laughing!!

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  1. Cibbuano says:

    I think it helps to have dark skin, according to your pictures… no untanned pastiness!

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