Vintage 90210: The Magic Of Donna

Today, I would like to pay homage to the original (and the best) heiress. Not Paris, Nicky or Nicole, I talk of Donna Martin (a.k.a Tori Spelling, a.k.a Aaron Spelling’s spawn who he put on his very own TV show) the softly spoken BBF of Kelly who had a learning disability, nearly got expelled before graduating (for being drunk at Prom), was abused by boyfriend Ray, dated geeky-turned-hot David (who cheated on her), finally looses her virginity in 97 to David (the show started in 1990), was a weather girl on TV (and stalked because of it), finds a long-lost half sister and gets married in the last season of the show. I’de like to see Paris Hilton top that. Please, one fight with Lindsay Lohan and she’s all like “I’m THE most dramatic heiress ever”. But remember Donna.

But the most important indicator of how influential Donna wa is her ability to make us blindly stumble through so many outfits of questionable clothing. Paris has done her part (Von Dutch, hair extentions, small pets and fake tan) but its not nearly as deliberating or questionable as Donna’s fashion influence. This WAS the 1990s after all!

Taking Donna’s lead, high rise jeans became all the rage. And clearly she is a fan because the show went for nearly 10 years. That a REALLY long time to keep a trend. Maybe her Dad threatened to stop the wardrobe budget if they didn’t do what Donna wanted. I mean, they cant have actually thought those pants where flattering!

Not to mention this – which I think may be a jumpsuit OR a matching mid-rift and spandex pant combo. Oh the magic of spandex!

And here are some screen captures of Donna in action wearing what seems to be a doiley AND overalls. The girl has balls! Although it was slighlty worying that she didn’t have an awsome hair style like Branda Walsh (shannon Doherty) – that fringe really evolved over the seasons. Props to her for never giving up on the blunt fringe.

But I’d just like to send my love out to Donna for her pioneering heiress ways which nowadays goes unnoticed. We love you Donna

Just quickly – I’m never one to think a story like this is not amusing. Some may call this harsh, but don’t think I know your secretly laughing!!

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