The troubles of those two

OK, OK we get it. YOU ARE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE. We know already. For the love of god, we know!!

We all sympathize with you. Really, we can all relate to those moments which we would rather not remember from when we were younger. Unfortunantly, if you are the CEOs of a billion dollar business which capitalizes on the fact that you ARE twins and DO look VERY similar, your embaressing moments tend to stick around.

Obviously, this was quite a traumatic tribulation in the Twin’s formative years as they have grown up with the intense drive to PROVE that they are NOT the same person. The first distress calls came from when they were at the beginning of the teen years. But the problem was quickly solved: for Christmas Ashley was given a curling iron while MK was given a hair straightener.

However, they did have to wash their hair eventually, so this plan was discounted as they felt lonely and confused in the period between showering and their hair drying. What next? What better than to make every single facet of their personalities so incredibly different and then sell it through tv shows, dolls and movies? Ashley as the square who wears channel suits at 16 and MK as the rebel who wears Keith Moon t-shirts (like she knows who he is).

But this seemed to compound the problem of them not having their own identities. What better way to once and for all put the beast to rest than through the original solution of hair differentiation?

Add to that the fact that they are not to be called the “Olsen twins” but “Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen”. Mary Kate Olsen. And Ashley Olsen. Well, I would imagine the problem would just iron itself right out.

Apparently this was not the case as one contracted a huge body-image issue and was checked in to treat anorexia but also (and most importantly) from this harrowing photo taken just this week.

Yes. That headband IS made out of hair.

But really, you have spent the last 15 years of your life trying to persuade us that you are two separate entities. Couldn’t you think of some better things to be doing? Like NOT leaving home with a headband WHICH IS MADE OUT OF HAIR??????? WHAT is that? WHERE on earth did she find it???

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