The First Ladies of Rock

My absolute, all-time favorite band is The Rolling Stones. The perennial counterculture trend setters, they have always embraced the unconventional with nonchalance. But what I love most about the Stones (besides their awesome music) is their first ladies of rock (I speak of their many girlfriends and wives).

The first lot don’t really have that much to offer, of course at the time the boys where still in Beatle-style suits. I call them the pre-generation (Chrissie Shrimpton and Linda Keith).

But it really all starts with the First Generation (Marianne Faithful and Anita Pallenberg) who embody the lux-hippy-boho spirit we have been seeing a lot of lately. With mis-matched cotton shifts, furs, disheveled layers, scarves, long hair and dark-rimmed eyes, they were the free-spirited rock chicks who captured the imagination of flower children everywhere.

Faithfull in the 60s

Pallenberg with Keith Richards

The Second Generation (Namely Bianca Jagger) exuded mystery behind her icy exterior and inspired many with her clean hair and make-up, crisp pant suits, classic shawls and shrugs (although I never got the walking stick).

Bianca Jagger

And of the Third (Jerry Hall), what can I say other than it was all about the hair and lips? The wild, flaxen mass of curls and bright red lips embodied the hedonism and indulgence of the 80s.

Jerry Hall

The First Ladies of Rock certainly showcased more styles that Paris fashion week! And you can pick which ones you feel more inclined too. Going dancing on Friday night? Curl your hair and go wild like the 3eds. Going for a business interview or relaxed drinks with friends? Opt for tailored pants and put your hair in a no-fuss bun courtesy of the 2eds. Going to a music festival or joining a protest march? Use dark eye makeup with a clean face and tussled hair and pop on a float-y dress and beads by channeling your 1st sisters!

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    what about Yoko Ono?


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