The family of Annie Hall and Kate Moss

As the neurotic Annie Hall in 1977’s hit movie of the same name, Dianne Keaton sparked a fashion phenomenon with women everywhere copying Annie’s eccentric mix of masculine and feminine. Actually, the clothes Annie wears are all Keaton’s own and it is thanks to her that ties (a la Avril Lavigne), men’s shirts and vests entered the female closet.

“Annie Hall”

Not surprisingly, the trend continues strongly today in street-wear and high fashion alike. Fashion’s god-mother Kate Moss shows its versatility in making a statement in the pages of Vogue as well as the pages of Who.

Kate in Vogue

Kate in London

And not surprisingly there has been a clamor among the fashion minions to copy Kate’s once original throwback to Ms. Keaton’s quirky style.





And I gotta say, clamor away! I love this trend! As I love ANYTHING to do with Dianne Keaton. I mean, have some RESPECT, the woman is a living legend (although she sometimes scares me by wearing matching gloves). But the vest to me is all about fun! It is just so cheeky. And ironic. Its like the shorts-and-heels thing all over again! Also, its convenient. Whip up to Vinnies and buy a vest for $5 and wham! Your entering the family of Kate and Keaton! Welcome home!

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