Superman? What about her groovy style?

As I always say, todays starlets are tomorrows icons. Well, I never say that, but it does make sense. So, naturally I have discovered Kate Bosworth and apparently, I am the last person to have done so. Prior to today, all I knew of Ms. Bosworth was that she dates Orlando Bloom and was in that surfing movie. However, in manner of Kirstin Dunst, she is staring in a comic book movie and now is bonafide “it girl”/starlet/standard fashion pallet.

However, I feel that there is something promising about Ms. Bosworth as she is giving me a distinctivly 60s vibe. I have no idea, but I bet she is english. She is going to work the “I’m english and stylish” card right from out under Sienna Miller.

Anyway, the 60s where all about the legs, and Ms. Bosworth has taken this quite to heart. She actually remindes me somewhat of Pattie Boyd. Although she looks like she could do with a decent meal, her babydoll dresses and shifts are so inspiring, I wish it was summer here already!!

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