The classic shift has been reinvented. Loved by fashionistas and vintage fiends for its individuality, freshness and innocence, the shift has once again returned to the fashion conscience through adoption by the catwalk and celebrities alike.

A distinctively 60s look, the shift is reminiscent of young girl’s dresses and uniforms. It evokes images of youth and carefree-ness. Such is the 60s philosophy and fashion!

60s fashion icon Jean Shrimpton

Miss. Jean again

And fashion favorite Twiggy

And so the catwalk has opened up their arms to this fab trend which embodies so much fun and yet is so simple.

Mui Mui Spring 2006

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2006

And t wouldn’t be a true revival unless celebrities adopted the new shift (pun intended!). The shifts best accessory in 2006? High, high heels and a great pair of legs to elongate the body and flatter the clean silhouette of the shift!

Kate Bosworth

Eva Mendez

Kate Hudson

Keira Knightly

Alicia Silverstone

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