Nostalgia Makes Vintage Games Popular Again

Last night, I was in Mumbai, for a visit to a cosmetic dentist in Mumbai. And it is in this bland clinic, that I started reminiscing about my favorite games of the past.

Video games, no doubt makes us feel nostalgic! Every single day many new games evolve but people who have already played the 70s and 80’s games cannot really relate to this world. When people from the ’80s and ’90s grew up, they would love to look back at the video games that they once loved. These people as kids have developed an intricate relationship with the game that has always played a crucial role in their life. In this current situation, when people look back to their old games, nostalgic feelings get evoked in their bodies and mind.

Vintage games and Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a great feeling! Feeling nostalgic is actually a super blend of happiness and sadness, a positive and a negative emotion that lets you connect to a series of meaningful events from the past and this has a tendency to bring certain social relationships close to their hearts. Anyway, being nostalgic about anything is good as that can help them feel better and this is how they start feeling more attached to something, someone or some event from the past. Clinical researches claim that nostalgia helps in protecting dementia. 

Several online gaming forums and even podcasts are now in a furious debate about the capability of old video games and how people are still dedicated to old video games.  According to research that was conducted in the United States, stated that 100 out of 100 people feel nostalgic while playing old games and this can actually make them stress relieved. They have also mentioned that playing old games was more like passing down the memory lane. This experiment was conducted among people who had an average age of 34. 

According to media psychology research, most of the vintage games can not only make people feel nostalgic, but it can also make them feel fresh and stress-free. They may also feel more attached to their past, their friends and even themselves. Well, to the modern gamers, the classic games might really look like a poor quality video game, but does that really matter? In 2016, NES Classic Edition was released and to their surprise, 2.3 million games were being sold within a span of just 3 months. So the company decided to sell more of it in later years and started the procedure in the year 2018.

Does gaming make people feel nostalgic?

There is no doubt that vintage games can activate a stronger sense of nostalgia than toys but we tend to develop more emotions in playing a video game. People experienced heightened feelings of competition, joy, frustration and finally a pride when you win. Most of the games also provide rewards to its players for winning a particular episode and that makes the player feel heroic and makes the game memorable for the user. 

However, researches do have a limit. So the reaction of the players was unknown if they were being asked to replay the old games. How would they react playing the same old game for the second or the fourth time?  This would have given us a prominent idea and understanding of people’s psychology in relation to vintage games and its potential effects. In this context, other researches have also observed people who were paying the most popular game Pokemon Go.  This game no doubt imbibed a positive feeling to its users and has also connected people, empowered them to encounter all the challenges in life.

Re-entering the virtual world of video games with virtual playgrounds have been successful in easing out the anxiety of several people. As gamers get old, technology keeps advancing and their fondness for “old school” keeps on increasing which develops into nostalgia. The famous philosopher Marshall McLuhan once stated that with the arrival of new technology, the new generation will definitely accept it because that is their present time. But people who are already deep-rooted with older technologies will know what the actual technology was and would want to go back to it. 

The psychology of making people feel nostalgic about vintage video games is relatively a new concept and the results of these researches suggest that Vintage video games can be therapeutic. There are many offices where playing old games at work can actually help in psychological recovery from stress and this might be because playing nostalgic games can actually intensify the procedure. In fact, researchers are also thinking to utilize these retro video games as some treatment intrusion to delay the onset of dementia and other physical health benefits.

Does all of this remind you of your old school days? Then the best you can do is get an old school game out of the box and relish the lost days virtually. This is an extremely satisfying experience of shifting memories from present to past that explains how special the vintage video games are!

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