Nicole Richie’s Triumph

Just quickly – I’m never one to think a story like this is not amusing. Some may call this harsh, but don’t think I know your secretly laughing!!

Not always a favorite dresser of mine, Nicole Richie has proven herself as a vintage princess after photos of her shooting a video clip have surfaced.

It would have to be something pretty spectacular to redeem herself from such mistakes as:

Socialite hippy

And 80s drag rockstar

But, while appearing in her dad’s new clip, Richie’s costumes are absolutely darling. The dress is to die for and the little scarf? Cuteness! A wite mens shirt – that is so Audrey Hepburn its giving me hives! I really don’t think anyone can pull off THAT many accessories as she can and still look fab.

(also love what the redhead is wearing!)

Although it is a costume, and it probably took an army of stylists to put together, I’m still giving Ms. Richie props becasue she COULD have chosen something really gross to wear in her film clip (like a former bbf OR a certain Ms. Simpson – has anyone seen her new clip where she is rollerscatting with Gabby from “desperate Housewives”? IT WAS SO WRONG! SO. WRONG.)

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