May The Force Be With You

Doesn’t it seem like only minutes ago you where screeching in offence when you discovered you mothers 70s cork wedges tucked away in her nostalgic boxes of horded clothes? And now it seems that your firm anti-wedge campaign is crumbling as Sienna Miller appears in Who weekly stepping out in a snazzy pair of her own (TWICE?!?!)?


Well, maybe her huge shoe closet got burned down in a freakish accident. Maybe it was a dare (although I doubt someone like Sienna would think fashion was a joke). Denial is the first stage my dear. Rage is the second. WHY SIENNA, WHY??? I LOOKED UP TO YOU. YOU WHERE MY OBI WAN. MY.FRICKING.OBI.WAN. And then acceptance. Although I would never personally buy a pair of wedges, I accept that others do. I accept that others find them cool and would wear them out in public.

So that’s how its gonna be. Fine. I can roll with the times. And trust me, it hasn’t been all bad. I positively skip whenever I hear any and every celebrity under the sun proclaim smugly that their dress is vintage because they “like wearing what no one else has”. It has bought back all the glamour we loved but got lost in the grunge of the 90s flannel shirts and overalls.

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