Kelly vs Birkin

Winning the lottery is divided into tiers of spending. Let me explain. If you just won a ridiculous amount of money, your purchases would probably be prioritized, and would probably start with the more expensive items. This is tier one. Teri one includes things like houses, snazzy cars, expensive holidays and expensive technology. Next things to consider would include gifts for family and friends and also some personal things that you have always wanted (which are usually not rational). For women this might be a whole closet filled with shoes. For men, it might be a yacht and a captain’s hat. For me, it is a Hermes bag. Yes, just one is all I am asking for. Well, two actually, a Kelly and a Birkin.

You might be puzzled as to why I should wait until winning the lottery before purchasing said bag(s). It is because this bag(s) has a price tag of about $5000 (not for both, just for one. For both, this would be $10 000). No, I didn’t add any extra zeros to the end of that number, a leather cavity with handles on either side ACTUALLY costs that mush. And people all over the world ACTUALLY buy them. There are waiting lists. Yes, people wait on a list to buy a bag which will cost them the amount of a car.

WHY? WHY you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA!!

But, pretending that after all of my exorbitant purchases I had only $5000 remaining. Therefore I may only purchase a Birkin OR a Kelly. NOT both. You see, this choice is FAR greater than deciding between bags. Let me tell you the story:

The Kelly bag was well established as a huge fashion staple LONG before the Birkin was ever born. The Kelly was named after fashion favorite Grace Kelly and in many ways shares her characteristics (as well as a bag can share human characteristics) – understated, classic, tasteful and chic.

Grace Kelly

and her bag

BUT there where some people in fashion land whom where not happy with the Kelly (Blaspheme). Of course these people where the rebels of the 60s who liked having a bitch about anything remotely traditional or conservative. And one particular rebel (Jane Birkin) decided to challenge the fashion institution which was the Kelly. So the legend goes that dear Jane was commuting in the airport and had stylishly used a Kelly as her carry on bag. But Jane had a problem with the clasps on Kelly. They where too small. Or too shiny. Or too something. Anywoo she gets on the phone to the Hermes people and has a little cry (about the buckles on your bag, naturally). Next thing you know, the Kelly has been updated and is now known as the Birkin.

Jane Birkin

and HER bag

Both models are still made, each equally as popular. BUT, if you could only choose ONE, a Birkin OR a Kelly? Would it be the classic, untouched, perfect bag, so like Grace herself? Or would it be the equally stunning bag who was more spunkier, feistier but equally as chic?

When I have $5000 to spend on a bag, I’ll let you know!!

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