Isn’t one Jessica Simpson enough?

The one thing to always love about vintage is its constant cycle of rejuvenation. Surely your mother has said, “I had a bag/belt/top/dress/pair of shoes just like that when I was a kid. I wish I had kept it.” Which of course implies that the cycle is a long-term one. That it takes a considerable amount of time for people to forget how they so violently rebelled against wedges that they threw away in a “what was I thinking” bag sometime in the 80s and now act like amnesia patients at their awful crime against fashion and taste in general which is being perpetrated again. Although, I am not here to unload about the wedge. again.

THis being said, it is NOT a vintage statement to copy something that ended within the year. It is NOT a statement to copy something which nobody liked OR appreciated in the first place. It is NOT a statement to do it even worse that the horrible original. It is NOT a statement to dress up like Jessica Simpson.

Jessica – I mean Ashlee – Simpson

Especially if she is your sister.

I appreciate that Jessica is loosing her luster somewhat. People have got over her “chicken or fish” idiocy. People have gotten over her overly peroxide hair and obviously fake chest. People have gotten over her uninteresting-ness. People have gotten over HER. She should be put in a “what was i thinking” box. Things are looking sad for Jessica. I direct your attention to the following to prove this:

a) she is wearing flannel

b) she IS as stupid as we all thought. (for a while I was one of those people who where all like “there is no WAY she can possibly be that stupid. She’s actually really smart like Goldie Hawn and is just playing dumb to be popular”. How wrong I was.)

read this for the proof (and a laugh!)

Yes. The world is defiantly over Jessica Simpson. Which is why WE DO NOT WANT ANOTHER ONE.

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  1. Cibbuano says:

    yes, one is more than enough. She scares me.

    Mitzy, I sent you a private message…read it please!

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