Dressing up as Our Nic

Nicole Kidman is defiantly an icon of today, an example of a modern woman in style, fashion and beauty (but NOT taste in men!!). From her life with us down under, she has shot to fame in some of the most glamorous and exciting couture designs. Always dramatic, sometimes daring and mostly spot-on, Nicole K is as ‘old Hollywood’ as we get today.

When we see her statuesque figure draped in the latest designs, images of Munroe, Garbo and Gardener all come to mind.

However, I wonder if she will truly gain fashion immortality. Her name is not synonymous with a generation of fashion. If, in 20 years time I am invited to a 00s costume party, I doubt very highly that I would look to Nic for inspiration. Not our Nic anyway, I may copy Nicole Richie’s skinny jeans, oversize shades and our obscene obsession with hair extensions to really do a ‘00 costume justice.

So, is thier hope for Our Nic? OR will we be forever remembered as a generation of vapid starlets, socialites and stylists? In anycase, we’ll be doing WAY better than the 80s!!

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