Chanel No. 5.254???

I was talking to my friend Sally yesterday who is of the opinion that Chanel is over. THis is a VERY BIG statement. I simply adore Chanel (not that I can afford it!), and I can’t possibly comprehend what she means. I say this to her and she clarifies that she doesn’t thinks its OVER over, but rather that its just not as cutting edge as it used to be. She thinks its clothes are still fab and trendy (I mean if Mischa Barton has a Chanel bag practically glued to her arm, it cant be unfashionable can it?) but so is Marc, Oscar, Michael, Ralph, Carolina and Christian (that’s Jaccobs, de la Renta, Kors, Lauren, Herrera and Dior).

But really, doesn’t history count for ANYTHING anymore???

I have read recently that my favorite soccer-playing-pirate-fighting-blue-war-paint-wearing actress keira knightley is signed up to be the new ‘face’ of Chanel’s wildly popular fragrance Coco Mademoiselle. This is fresh off the heels of ‘our nic’ who was paid millions to appear in a two minute commercial (which truthfully, all I paid attention to was the hot boyfriend). Don’t get me wrong, I love Nic and Keira – nice hair, nice teeth, nice skin, nice clothes, nice shoes, nice manicure, nice manners blah blah blah…


And Keira

…but isn’t Chanel about more than being ‘nice’. Coco herself made Chanel the brand which was sharp, elegant, slightly ironic and always tasteful – NOT ‘nice’.


and more Coco

What next? Harry Winston ADVERTISING his diamonds?

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