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Set in New York City, it is a great romance between two young colledge students who are struggle with their lives outside the safety net of family and school. Seriously, it was as heart wrenching as Romeo and Juliet with disaproveinf in-laws, fatal diseases and fiancail instability (maybe not the last one). And if this sounds familiar “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”, it’s probably from this movie (I also heard its in the bible, but whatever). This was the 70s version of our “To me you are perfect” (Mr. Darcy of “Bridget Jones’ Diary”).

Not only a touching movie (which I defiantly recommended) but also a movie with very influential costume design. It wasn’t a “Moulin Rouge” or “chicargo” extravaganza of sequins and feathers, but the urban costuming of main character Jenny is gorgeous and would not be considered dated, even though the movie was released some 40 years ago.

And let me tell you, this movie was made in 1970, which makes it a playgroung for vintage trends. Jenny’s wardrobe is filled with black tights (which are very in right now) mixed with simple sweaters but spruced up with printed miniskirts. Plus the timeless trench coat. Ali McGraw, who plays Jenny in the film has bought her natural beauty and approachable charm to the character and that translates into her wardrobe. I mean, I expect the person sitting next to me on a bus to be wearing a costume straight out of the movie. But with some movies, like “Moulin Rougue”, although it had great costumes, you might be a bit scared if a woman in a corset, feathers and a tophat sat next to you on the way to the dentist.

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